1 Mini Pink Lollipop Glass Marble 10 mm
  • 1 Mini Pink Marble - 10 mm Glass Marble
  • 1 Mini Pink Lollipop Glass Marble 10 mm

1 Mini Pink Lollipop Glass Marble 10 mm HQ


This marble belongs to the family of "High Quality" marbles. Its diameter is precisely 10 mm. It is perfectly spherical and its weight is 0,69 gr.
The superior quality of this marble gives it its place at the forefront of the ball players' collections but it is also perfect for professional use.

A marble as small as a morning dewdrop but the colour of the flower in our gardens

This piece is made of bohemian glass.


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The quantity of marbles visible on the photos is not representative of your purchase, these marbles are sold individually.
To fight against over-packaging, MyGlassMarbles delivers all your marbles in a single net, contact us if you wish to receive several nets. 
Possible variation of 2 mm on the diameter of the delivered marbles.

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Data sheet

Marble Size
Small Marble 8 to 14 mm
Main color
Purple or Pink