1 Square Shaped Blue Glass Marble 25 mm
  • 1 Square Shaped Blue Glass Marble 25 mm
  • 1 Square Shaped Blue Glass Marble 25 mm

1 Square Shaped Blue Glass Marble 25 mm


This square marble is slightly lighter than its dark blue counterpart, but they are inseparable from good marbles collections.

Square glass marbles are very new marbles, we didn't find them in the marble bags of our childhood!

In summary, the square marbles are very popular. These marbles are appreciated by children, artists who integrate them in their creations and globally they are great marbles to give originality to your collections of marbles



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The quantity of marbles visible on the photos is not representative of your purchase, these marbles are sold individually.
To fight against over-packaging, MyGlassMarbles delivers all your marbles in a single net, contact us if you wish to receive several nets.

Possible variation of 2 mm on the diameter of the delivered marbles.

Today these marbles are all the rage among marble collectors and in the playground : they make their owners very popular, the king of the playground.

Square marbles are not ideal for playing classic marble games such as the circle game. However, these marbles are valuable when it comes to trading marbles with friends because they are much more valuable than other marbles.

The square marbles are also perfect for outlining a marble track that will allow you to spin your round marbles like crazy marbles. You can put them on the playground or in your room. You can even take them to the beach to decorate your marble tracks in the sand. These square marbles will be perfect to decorate your sand castles, or your cardboard castles.

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Data sheet

Marble Size
3- Marble Flat & Shaped
Main color
Blue or Turquoise