Chinese glass marbles are perfect marbles to use as decoration in aquariums

These glass marbles are also perfect marbles for your table decorations

Overall, these marbles are ideal for your decorations, your games of TOC, Chinese checkers and other solitaires

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Contrary to what their name might suggest, Chinese marbles do not come exclusively from China. The first important thing to specify is that Chinese marbles are not all round marbles. Indeed, the marbles of the Chinese marble category offer a very large variety of marbles. In this family of marbles you can mix small round marbles with very large flat marbles. That's why Chinese marbles are particularly sought after by interior designers, whether they are amateurs or professionals. Because all recognize the immense creative potential of this type of marble. Indeed, interior designers like to integrate marbles in their decorative proposals. For example, they can place on a bathroom cabinet a pretty cameo of flat blue marbles, without fear of seeing these marbles roll and spread on the floor because one of the great advantages of flat glass marbles is that they do not roll! It is also possible to choose a large transparent vase positioned in the entrance hall of the house and to delicately place inside a mixture of marbles with yellow and orange tones to precisely coordinate with the color of the place at example. The use of this transparent container will allow you to vary the shapes of marbles used: small round marbles or very large marbles, without depriving yourself of adding flat marbles. In short, since the marbles are contained in this glass vase, they will not move and will be content to shine. Some of our customers have even had the brilliant idea of integrating our marbles into their artistic supports. Some of them have inserted them in their handmade pottery. Another of our customers took care to cover a petanque ball with dozens and dozens of Chinese magnifying marbles mixed with other opaque and shiny Chinese marbles. The result was a garden decoration, delicately placed on the edge of the alley of his garden: absolutely splendid! Because indeed it is important to remember that marbles can be used indoors or outdoors, they resist very well to bad weather. It is also very original to arrange translucent Chinese marbles at the bottom of an aquarium with or without fish. What is important then is that the glass aquarium is filled with water because it gives the marbles a very particular luminosity : the presence of fish becomes optional for an aquarium filled with water and magnificent marbles. These famous Chinese marbles exist in opaque or translucent versions. To distinguish them, we call the shiny marbles "Glossy marbles", while the translucent marbles are generally called "Magnifying marbles". In this case, it is important to remember that not all "China marbles" come from China. In fact, we also have beautiful Bohemian crystal marbles that come precisely from the Czech Republic or other crystal marbles but made in Italy. It is therefore important to consider the family of marbles from China as a large family that simply belongs to the world of marble lovers! The name China Marbles is often found in conversations with people who like to make Chinese checkers, better known as "solitaire". These are trays, mostly made of wood, but they can also be marble trays. It is also possible to find plastic ones, but in this case they are more interesting for their playful function than for their decoration. These game boards have circular slots whose size is perfectly adapted to the diameter of Chinese marbles : i.e. a diameter of 16 mm most of the time. The larger marble game boards can accommodate marbles between 22 millimeters and 25 millimeters in diameter. This is undoubtedly the secret of the name of this large family of marbles : it is the creators and users of Chinese checkers who inspired this eponymous name !