Some of our transparent glass marbles are covered with colored stripes, others are of only one color

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The world of marbles has evolved beautifully in recent years. Our earliest childhood memories of marbles are often associated with clay marbles. Then the marble bags of our childhood were enriched with porcelain marbles. These were opaque marbles. These porcelain marbles could be of several colors, but also mono color. Then came transparent glass marbles. These marbles, more than transparent, they were in fact translucent. The name of transparent marble could lead one to think that they are marbles that have no color. But this is absolutely not the case with the translucent marbles that we offer on this site. In fact we have taken care to distinguish the translucent marbles mono colors, from the marbles that are enriched with colored stripes. Thus, you will find on our site marbles named "magnifying glass marbles". Behind this term is a whole family of marbles of different colors. Some marbles are even called "crystal" color, that is to say without color. These marbles are just transparent. The choice of this type of name, for this type of marble, was obvious to us. Because when you take one of these marbles between your fingers, you quickly notice that, with the help of the sun's rays, they turn into a small magnifying glass. Even if the marbles are not quite competitors of the real magnifying glasses that you can find in the shops, the marbles magnify their effect. Especially when children are playing in the playground. When they are lucky enough that their playground is not completely covered with tar. In this case, they can take their magnifying marbles to observe the small insects which evolve in the spaces of lawn to which they have access. It is important to know that Bohemian crystal marbles are much more powerful magnifying glasses than simple glass marbles. This is because Bohemian crystal is a very perfect glass with no air bubbles to interfere with the marble's visual power. Children also enjoy perceiving the world by looking through their colored magnifying marble because it offers them a modified visual perspective. In this case, it is best to choose a larger size marble than the classic 16mm marble, preferring a 35mm marble. Since some schools do not allow marbles of this size, children often fall back on an intermediate size marble, i.e. a magnifying marble between 22 and 25 millimeters. We also offer on this site marbles that are still transparent but with colored stripes. In this case it is less easy to use them as magnifying glass but these marbles are still easily seen by the sun. These marbles are classics in the marble world, just like the porcelain marbles. One of the most famous of these marbles is known as the Cat's Eye marble. It is the star marble of our childhood memories. The Agathe marbles also belong to this great family of translucent marbles. I do not doubt that this name evokes for you old memories. Today the family of translucent marbles also includes more recent and modern marble models. For example, the square marbles have joined the cohort of translucent marbles. These are marbles that are not round but are flat marbles. Today's children are very much in demand for these kinds of marbles and they love their originality. So our flat marbles in the shape of a duck or tree leaves are also very appealing to them. There are a lot of marbles also called flat marbles: translucent marbles, all very original. These are marbles that "don't play" but they are marbles that can be collected !