In the last few years, flat glass marbles have become popular with all glass marble collectors

We also find these marbles under the name marble shape or pebble

Some of our marbles are shiny, some are transparent, some are translucent

Speaking of originality, we can tell you, and this is becoming more and more evident every year: flat marbles are a must-have in every child's marble set. So why are these famous flat marbles, also known as pebbles, so important? Well, for several reasons. One of them is directly related to their rarity. Indeed, these marbles are practically impossible to find in the usual game and toy shops on the one hand. On the other hand, it is only on our site that children can find such a complete range of flat marbles. With our offer they can create their own marble family. Kids love to collect a specific marble pattern and they take care to make them from the smallest to the largest size. You have to be careful about this because some schools have rules that limit the maximum size of marbles allowed on school grounds. Children who have the ability to display their marble family in this way because they love to see their friends' eyes shining with envy at the sight of these beautiful assortments of marbles.Imagine the excitement of the audience when the children see that there are even flat marbles that are matched. The question that is then in every child's mouth is, "but where did you get them?!?" Well, dear parents and grandparents, know that those children to whom you have given these types of marbles are greatly enjoying these moments of glory! Unfortunately for us, their answer is invariably the same, like: "my grandma and grandpa gave them to me". Or in other cases, "my mother and father gave them to me". So why did I start my sentence with : "Unfortunately"? Simply because we would have preferred that the children would have voted for our marble sales site and told all their friends about it. After all, the best form of advertising is obviously what we call "word of mouth". However, the children are so proud to be able to distinguish themselves from the other children that they are careful not to give their source :) This is just a funny little anecdote because our marble sales site has been on the web for more than 10 years: it's the parents and grandparents, luckily for us, who like to recommend us! It is besides this great and beautiful proximity that we developed our range of flat marbles. By imagining it not only at the service of children, but also at the service of adults. Because if children like to play with flat marbles, adults like to create with their flat marbles. Flat marbles are also known as shaped marbles and they come in many sizes, many textures and many colors. These marbles offer endless creative possibilities. The simplest and most effective way to use these marbles is to simply place them on your guests' table. These famous marbles will immediately give a festive and refined atmosphere that your guests will appreciate. Some of our customers, with the help of a glue gun, like to fix their flat marbles to write their children's name on their bedroom door. Others use them to mark out some of their plants by spreading them around the terrace of their house. It is also possible to use flat glass marbles to give a second life to your storage boxes or jewelry boxes. And for those of you who are not adept at handiwork, we have selected specific shaped marbles for you. You just have to expose them and these marbles will be of the most beautiful effect by their simple presence. For example, flat marbles in the shape of a duck or flat marbles in the shape of a tree, leaves, marbles in the shape of a heart, others of a mouth. All kinds of marbles shapes to deliver messages or simply to decorate your decorative plates.