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I don't know if the Countess de Segur played marbles as a child, but the title of her novel "Après la pluie le beau temps" (After the rain, the good weather) has inspired us to name a whole category of our glass marbles "frosted marbles". Frosted marbles have an appearance that suggests they have been stored in a freezer and have just come out. In fact, they have a surface that looks like frost has been deposited on them. Of course, when you pick up a frosted marble, you immediately realize that this is not the case. However, anyone lucky enough to hold a frosted marble will tell you about the pleasure of the soft touch that the marble's special surface gives them. The frosted marbles are simply classic glass marbles, quite hard, but which underwent a particular treatment : a kind of frosting resulting from a mechanical action which modifies the smooth texture of the marble. The title of the Countess de Segur's novel inspired us because it allowed us to make a play on words inspired by the weather. Besides, we often find frosted marbles under the name of rainbow marbles. This name will suit perfectly some of the frosted marbles, but not all. Let me explain. As the countess says, after the rain, the good weather ! That magical moment when the Rainbows appear, after the rain has fallen and the sun's rays appear. Although this name of Rainbow marble is particularly romantic, it is not quite right! Some of our marbles are actually covered in several rainbow-inspired colors, in which case the name is totally appropriate. But on our site, you'll also have the chance to find many more varieties of marbles than just these frosted marbles called Rainbow Marbles. We have green frosted marbles, other frosted marbles are yellow, others are simply white frosted marbles. You will also find on this site very small frosted marbles also called mini frosted marbles. We are also happy to offer you a whole collection of flat frosted marbles: these marbles that are currently all the rage in playgrounds around the world: real star marbles. As you can see, our frosted marbles seduce by their original texture but not only. Our frosted marbles seduce by the variety of their colors. There are rainbow colored marbles, or pirate marbles which are in fact black marbles, or Kepler marbles which are blue marbles... in short, all the marbles sold on our site exist in classic size, that is to say 16 mm marbles. But these marbles also exist in large sizes going from 25 mm to 130 mm. These last marbles are exclusively reserved for decoration because you can imagine that no child would be allowed to play with such a big marble in the playground.