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Like all of us, I'm sure you are looking for original gift ideas! Aren't you also looking for gift ideas ? Everyone agrees on the principle of "the pleasure of giving". In fact, there are many occasions to give gifts in life : children's birthday gifts (both small and large), gifts that we bring when we are invited, wedding gifts, gifts just like that... the list is long! From my point of view, the best gift idea is to give marbles. Why give marbles? Well, for an infinite number of very good reasons. Nowadays, giving flowers is no longer a good idea because unlike flowers, marbles do not die : marbles are immortal! At certain times of the year like Halloween, you might be tempted to give candy. After all, don't they say "Trick or treat" ? It could be a good idea to give candy to the children around you... but your dentist will tell you: very bad ideas because cavities could attack their little teeth. In this case, offer a set of marbles in orange tones, in the middle of which will be a glow-in-the-dark ball in the shape of an eye: that's the best possible Halloween gift! When spring arrives, your friends often take advantage of this summer period to bring out the barbecues and invite you, you will probably not go empty-handed. So give your friends brightly colored flat marbles to help them decorate the pretty outdoor table they'll have prepared for you: the originality of this gift is sure to make you a fashionable person! Sometimes we think that giving chocolates will be the key to a successful gift. But don't forget that unlike the boxes of chocolates that we like to give to the greediest people, marbles don't cause liver attacks. For those of you who are used to giving clothes like a shirt or a casual sweatshirt, you know that you are not safe from getting the wrong size: kids grow up and adults get fatter so it's always tricky to ask your friends about their waist size! By giving marbles you won't get the wrong size: you'll just have to design a set of marbles of all sizes, from the smallest marble to the biggest one. On our site you can buy them individually, so you will be sure not to make a mistake and you will have in hand the perfect gift. And what about Valentine's Day gifts? A piece of jewelry, or which one? A ring ? Bracelet? A necklace? A perfume ? Well, not very original ! Offer a set of heart-shaped marbles to declare your love. In short, offering marbles is the guarantee of a successful gift. You will find on this site marbles to offer of all the colors and marbles of all the forms. Choose your gifts among our marbles of arts, marbles of exceptions because they are unique objects. Offer marbles to deliver a message : hearts for lovers, emojis marbles to share your emotions. Offer your children and grandchildren the same marbles that occupied your childhood games. In short, give marbles, it's the perfect gift !