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In a world which must be each day a little more ecological and a little more respectful of the planet, it is normal that each one of us limit as much as possible the use of paper. Then, undoubtedly you are astonished by the existence of this heading on our site of sale of marbles, the category of the "paperweight marbles". And you are right to be surprised because it is very likely that you have very little paper on your tables and desks: therefore the function of the "paperweight" is probably not fundamental for you. We are a specialist in selling marbles on the web and as such we are particularly unconcerned with handling paper as a lot of our stock is dematerialized. What seduced us in this type of marble is not its function but its look. Look at the elegance of these glass marbles! Some of them are even made of Bohemian crystal: no one remains insensitive to their beauty. We are convinced that although the paperweight's function has disappeared, this object still has its place in our decorations. The paperweight marbles we offer here are pieces of rare beauty. They are marbles realized by craftsmen of art. Some of these marbles are of French manufacture. While others of these marbles come from Italy and the Czech Republic : two countries where we find the most beautiful Bohemian crystal objects. We are now able to offer you flat bottomed marbles that are totally translucent. These marbles are made of such perfect crystal that no air bubbles disturb the light that passes through them: they are marbles with a sober and refined look. Other marbles, on the other hand, have air bubbles deliberately organized and mixed with color inlays: they are true works of art! Other marbles belonging to this same category are much less round and decidedly flatter: they are heart-shaped. These marbles are very often offered by children for their parents. When these marbles are placed on a desk at work, they are a good replacement for family photos, which are no longer very fashionable in work environments such as open spaces. It is a marble that has a symbolic and sentimental value that connects you emotionally to the person who gave it to you. You will have understood that we are far from the old concept of the "paperweight" in favor of a marble with unparalleled elegance : I am sure that we will win our bet to give back all its letters of nobility to this very old object.