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For a long time, children have been used to buying marbles in nets containing 20 identical marbles plus one larger marble. This monotony of identical marbles, this lack of creativity imposed by marbles without plumes is now over! You will find on our site marble nets containing sets of marbles in various colors. Some marble nets are made of small marbles mixed with larger marbles. In these marble bags you will also find flat marbles and even shaped marbles which are also called pebbles. We've designed these marble packs to suit every taste. Some marble packs are sold in jars, which then allows you to easily store your marbles. Other marble packs are inserted into nets as in the past. Our marble nets are all closed with a cardboard label with our logo on it. Other marble assemblies are packaged in small cardboard boxes. It is the case when these marbles belong to the world of the art marbles because these artisanal marbles require a very particular protection. Finally, whenever possible, we enclose your marbles in vacuum bags to prevent them from colliding during shipping. The principle of the old-fashioned marble net, those famous 20 marbles all identical plus a matching but larger marble, still have their charm. That's why we also offer on this site some marble nets. It is in particular the marbles of the Kimplay range. It is a French company, with which we have been working for more than 10 years now. You will find here also marble nets of this brand, the Kim'Play brand and more particularly their collector marble nets. In this range of marbles we find Speedy marbles, Spider marbles, Galactica marbles, Diabolique marbles, Cyclone marbles, Equinox marbles. Finally, all the marbles of our partner Kimp Play sold in nets of marbles are also available on our site. As you know, our site is the world specialist in marbles sold individually. Our search filters allow you to refine the display of the proposals that are made to you. You can choose the color of your marbles. You can also search for marbles according to their size. But don't forget that our marble catalog is particularly rich, so for true marble lovers, it is often difficult to choose! So if you can't buy all the marbles on our site, you'll have no other choice than to choose precisely. Then even if an old French adage says "to choose is to give up", we on our site, we decided not to give up. That's why, to make your buying decisions easier, we've prepared some marble packs for you. These marble packs are designed on the basis of carefully chosen color combinations, other marble packs offer you a wide variety of optimal marbles. Thus, you can enjoy what is called here "marble families". You will also find marble nets that mix round marbles with other marbles that are flat. Because the flat marbles, it is the great tendency currently! Indeed, these marble nets with various colors and original shapes seduce both adults and children. Adults love these marble nets because they use them to embellish their interior decorations by placing their marbles in transparent receptacles through which their guests can admire this very original and personalized decoration. Children love their marble nets because they can display them to their friends at school. They are the happy owners of extraordinary marbles: rare marbles, marbles that other children have not had the chance to find in their usual game stores. And for good reason, our site is simply the world's specialist in marble sales. So now you really do have a wide selection of marbles! You can have the pleasure of taking some time with your children or grandchildren, to choose one by one the marbles that will be delivered to you very quickly by mail. Or you can trust our marble selections by choosing one of the marble nets that we have specially prepared for you. Either way, you'll be happy with the gift of marbles or the gift of marbles.