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Marbles exist well beyond the only playgrounds of our children: today marbles are found on many more playgrounds. Marbles can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Marbles can be played alone or in groups, marbles are versatile in every way. The marble tracks seduce the children as well as their parents. They allow them to play in the house, in the garden or even at the beach. Marble runs are like mazes that are totally captivating when you take the time to simply watch the marbles roll by. The marbles seem to want to roll endlessly, without ever stopping. Making a marble track is a great activity for developing creativity. You can plan to add stairs, whirlpools, windmills or even slides. Lovers of construction games will enjoy imagining their dream marble track. Reuse is the current trend ! The old Kaplas will find a perfect use to delimit the contours of the circuit or to constitute launching platforms from which the marbles will dash towards the beginning of a crazy race. The rolls of paper towels or toilet paper will also find a second life. They will be transformed into tunnels of passage. The marbles will rush in, disappear for a few seconds and suddenly come out at a tenfold speed. Even the old dominoes, which are now a bit out of fashion, will find a particular interest: they will make perfect obstacles. Stairs or small embankments that the marbles have to cross to continue their journey. In the summertime, the magic of sand castles is a perfect backdrop for beautiful marble runs and exciting marble races. It's especially easy to play marbles by the sea. Beach shells and seaweed are real decorative treasures. If you top them with flat marbles from the sea or simple but very shiny flat marbles, you can quickly build a real princess castle. The moat of the castle is filled with sea water, while its walls are made of goddess tear drop marbles. And this is just a suggestion, as there are thousands of possible compositions. In the past, no child went to sea without a good sun protection cream, a beach bucket with rake, shovel, sieve to filter the sand and small molds to shape sand objects. But today this little set of the perfect sand player is no longer up to the creative capacity of our children! That's why our children carry a huge bag of marbles with them when they go to the sea. They take care to take large marbles to make ramparts or simply mark the entrance to the royal domain. The smaller marbles or normal sized marbles (14mm or 16mm diameter marbles) are usually used to decorate the castle facades or decorative sculptures that they enjoy making. Finally, children are careful to add flat marbles to their bags of marbles: marbles that are essential for marking the paths from the castle to the bathing area reserved exclusively for the castle princess. For children who are more attracted to the knights of the round table and their brave and daring heroic journeys, in the manner of the knights of Kaamelott, the private bathing area will be transformed. For these children, it is out of the question to make it a simple romantic holiday place! The castles they build are systematically embellished with marble racetracks. These infrastructures then allow the valorous knights to make the exposure of their noble wealth by choosing to display the most beautiful marbles of their collections of rare marbles. And the marble tracks traced in the sand will allow them to show their power by winning ! The world of Marbles is definitely an inexhaustible source of creativity and games !