Nugget glass marbles are available in transparent or opaque glass marbles

But these marbles are also available in different sizes

The marbles are the diamonds of our children's marble bags

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Ah the famous marbles nuggets ! These are marbles that can be translucent marbles or opaque marbles. Like all other marbles, some are shiny marbles, others are more matte marbles. Nuggets come in many sizes, from mini to very large. Some marbles have the funny feature of being luminescent: you just have to expose them to the sunlight for a few minutes. Then place yourself in a room without light to observe the luminescence of your phosphorescent marbles. These glow-in-the-dark marbles come in two sizes: the classic 16mm marble size and the larger 25mm size. Phosphorescent nugget marbles are very rare and highly sought after. They are major marbles in the marble nets of our children. And they are few to have this type of marbles which are very appreciated by their friends. Glow-in-the-dark marbles also have a special place when mixed with your string lights. Those that you can arrange in decoration and that you enjoy lighting when the night begins to fall. Your glow-in-the-dark marbles will shine with pride in the middle of the small LEDs that make up your string lights. Did you know that? There was so much controversy about the name of these marbles! Indeed for a reason that we could not explain, it happens that some people call these marbles, the butterfly marbles. This choice of name of marbles is for us incomprehensible. The marbles are so named because they are covered with colored marbles. So why look for another name? We will probably never have the answer. The certainty today is that these marbles are well listed in the official list of marble names under the name: "Nugget marbles". Like their sister marbles, the frosted marbles, the nugget marbles are distinguished from other marbles by their different surface from other marbles. Frosted marbles have a soft, almost velvety surface and nugget marbles have a slightly rough surface. And for good reason, because as their name indicates, these marbles are covered with small inlays: small colored nuggets. Nowadays, this kind of marble is particularly sought after. In our childhood it was very rare to have the chance to count nuggets in our marble bags. Only children who collected marbles were lucky enough to have them. Children who liked to play marbles to win more and more marbles did not take the risk of betting on marbles as rare as nuggets. The direct consequence of this phenomenon was that the marbles did not circulate. If you were lucky enough to have one of these precious marbles, you kept them to yourself. Another important feature is that large marbles such as mammoth marbles of 50 mm in diameter did not exist a few years ago. This type of giant marbles really belong to the new generation of marbles that we are happy to offer you on our marble sales site. Here you have the possibility to buy them individually. These marbles are also present in some of our marble packs: those we have specially prepared for you.