The glass marbles you will find here are of uniform color

Some of these marbles are shiny, others are matte or frosted

Collection of plain marbles perfect for TOC and Chinese checkers lovers

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Don't think that just because a marble is a solid color that it is unoriginal. It is quite the opposite. So we have grouped here marbles whose roundness is not the common point. And yes, you will find here marbles classically round but not only. You will also find marbles called "last generation marbles" that is to say marbles that do not roll since they are flat marbles. You will notice that in this universe of plain marbles, there are obviously glass marbles, but also earth marbles and even wooden marbles. I admit that these marbles don't quite belong in the middle of the plain marbles because the wood always has little colored veins that blur the uniqueness of its color a bit. We talked about this at length among ourselves and voted to let them be included in our list of solid color marbles. After all, they are the "wood color", so they are a solid color. Anyway, let's get back to our glass and crystal marbles, which are totally solid color. Let's start with the "almost" round marbles. Why almost round you say to me? Well, because some of our marbles are flat-bottomed marbles. These are marbles made by craftsmen. These handcrafted marbles are not intended for children's games because their vocation is exclusively decorative. To be able to be exposed on your tables of living rooms, your shelves of dining room, or your desks, it was important that these marbles are perfectly stable and do not roll... what is I agree somewhat paradoxical for a marble. But you know, the marble is a vast world of creativity that just has to make conventions. That's why you can choose on this site very large flat bottom marbles that you will be able to use as paperweights or simply as decoration. These marbles with flat bottom exist exclusively in Bohemian crystal. The extraordinary quality of this glass gives them an indisputable elegance. At the same time these marbles belong to a category of marbles a little more expensive. For marble lovers who are looking for inexpensive marbles, but still beautiful marbles, we recommend very large, completely round marbles, which you can simply place on a small glass base. These large, plain marbles will look great in your home. Smaller marbles, such as the 16mm marbles, are very popular with Chinese checkers players, also known as solitaire games. Players of this type of board game prefer plain, opaque marbles to translucent ones. The visual contrast, especially if they choose shiny marbles, will be much better on their game boards. Returning to marbles that are not round, we are pleased to offer glass marbles. These are flat marbles, glass marbles, whose shape is always very special. So you will find on our site marbles in the shape of a cake, marbles in the shape of a sun, marbles in the shape of a moon, etc... . You can also buy on your site very funny glass marbles in the shape of mouths and others in the shape of hearts.