Glass Marbles are not a passing fad

Marbles are still very much in fashion in the playground !

Today, more than ever, marbles are real stars in the playground

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Marbles and playgrounds have been a great love affair for a very long time. Since the post-war period, marbles have become a must-have game in playgrounds around the world. Although there is a dizzying number of marbles, marbles all different from each other ... we know it well since we have the privilege to have them all on our store selling marbles! And well in spite of this great diversity and this profusion of marbles, we make the observation that a certain type of marbles is systematically present in the bags of marbles of the pupils. These marbles are essential, they are also often called collector marbles. Of course these marbles coexist with other more original marbles, more recent, but it does not remain less than these marbles, are always there! So we have grouped all these marbles here, in this part of our store that we have quite naturally named: "the marbles of the playgrounds". I invite you to visit this section regularly, because the marbles that make it up are, more than any other marbles, subject to fashion phenomena. A marble after being a real star marble in the hearts of children, this marble can suddenly be abandoned in favor of another marble if the fashion changes. But the great thing about the marble world is that even if a marble is a little less fashionable, it will never go out of style. How is this possible? Well, it's simple, the marbles in fashion are shown, not played! Children don't want to take the risk of playing with their favorite marbles in a game of marbles where they might lose them. That's why it is necessary to have both categories of marbles in your marble net: the star marbles of the playground on the one hand and all the other marbles on the other hand. We recommend you to visit regularly this part of the site in particular: you will notice at each of your visits new different marbles. And for good reason the particularity of fashion is that it is versatile, and the marbles do not escape this phenomenon, even if as we have just demonstrated a natural process of recycling will always take place naturally with the marble. We can nevertheless note the recurrence of a rather systematic presence of marbles produced by one of our partners for more than 10 years: the marbles of the Kimplay range. This is the reason why these marbles rarely leave our section dedicated to schoolyard marbles. But the more the years go by, the more we notice that these marbles are not the majority anymore. This shows once again the creative and original power of marbles. Finally, in recent years we have seen a resurgence of pebble marbles, also known as shaped marbles or simply flat marbles. The particular presence of these marbles in the playgrounds is motivated by children who have invented a whole series of new marble games that can only be played with flat marbles. These marble games did not exist in the childhood of our parents and grandparents, it is really a new trend for the new generations of children.