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A contemporary Quebec writer, Daniel Desbiens, declared some time ago : "The sun shines at different hours for each one, but it shines for all". Well, it is perfectly the same for the marbles sold on our site! All the glass marbles listed here have one thing in common : they shine brightly for all marble lovers, from the very young to the very old. You can see the brilliance of our glossy marbles at any time of the day. And our glow-in-the-dark marbles have the luxury of glowing even in the dark. We've worked with the world's leading marble producers to bring you this magnificent collection of glitter marbles, which you can purchase individually. In the large family of glitter marbles, there are two main categories of marbles: glossy marbles and iridescent magnifying marbles. Our glossy marbles are opaque glass marbles with a pearly sheen that gives your marbles a very elegant look. There are single-color glossy marbles and other marbles that are covered with cameo colors. In contrast to these mixed color marbles, single color glossy marbles also come in flat marble versions: this allows decorating artists to design particularly elegant marble assemblies. Glossy marbles are also great for kids who love collecting marbles. They love to show their friends matching marble sets that aren't available in stores. Kids know that only on this site will they find the opportunity to build a complete family of marbles: from the smallest to the largest size, not to mention the pebbles and even the beautiful shapes. In short, our marbles will make them shine in the eyes of their friends! Other children, less contemplative and more into action, will be more interested in the challenge of marble games in the playground. In these outdoor marble games, each marble is given a point value by all the participants. In this context, it is obvious that our marbles are always more valuable than any other marbles played during the game. In a word, our glitter marbles will make them (once again) shine in the eyes of their friends! Our iridescent marbles are translucent glass marbles that belong to the large family of magnifying marbles. These marbles, some made of simple glass, others of Bohemian crystal, have an iridescent surface that sparkles with a thousand reflections depending on the refraction of light rays. All these shiny marbles, whether translucent or opaque, come in several sizes. So despite their small size, in the middle of a marble mix, the mini marbles will always stand out. The very large marbles impose their supremacy because of their large size. But the brilliance of these marbles gives them an unmatched preciousness. The marbles we played with as children did not have the same brilliance as today's marbles. Recent production techniques allow the marble coating to have a shine that withstands even the play of children in the playground. In the past, we used to have what are called porcelain marbles. These marbles were not without brilliance, but their shine cannot be compared to today's shiny marbles. Translucent and iridescent marbles are often used to design jewelry, but these marbles are also particularly present in the marble collections of marble enthusiasts. So you can create bags of marbles to suit your tastes. Love green marbles ? We recommend mixing them with purple marbles for a soothingly bright set of marbles. Love yellow ? The best choice is a mix of red and orange marbles, which will give you a sunny shine. As you can see, the shiny marbles give you infinite possibilities and as all our marbles are sold individually, don't deprive yourself : choose the ones you like because your favorite marbles are necessarily on this site !