Emballage Cadeau pour Billes, une idée de Justine, dédiée à nos passionnés de billes

Gift Wrapping for Marbles

New product: Gift Wrapping for Marbles, an idea from Justine, dedicated to our marble enthusiasts

If you are a marble lover, you probably already know MesBilles.fr, the site that offers you much more than just purchasing marbles. We are a true community, bringing together all marble enthusiasts, and we are delighted to announce the launch of a new product that fits perfectly with our philosophy: Marble Gift Wrap.

Justine, our order preparation expert

Justine is one of the pillars of our team at MesBilles.fr. She is in charge of preparing your orders, guaranteeing quality service and special care for each shipment. The first physical interaction you have with your new beads is when you receive your package carefully prepared by Justine.

Our commitment: secure shipments

Justine and our team's priority is to ensure that your marbles arrive at their destination in perfect condition. To do this, we use various protective materials such as kraft paper, bubble bags, and we group your balls in a minimum of nets to avoid any collision during transport.

A touch of elegance for your marbles

Since her arrival at MesBilles.fr this year, Justine has been keen to add a touch of elegance to our packaging, without compromising the protection of your marbles. It was with this in mind that she came up with the brilliant idea for our new product: Gift Wrapping for Marbles.

Gift Wrapping for Marbles: an idea from Justine

This empty packaging for 12 16mm marbles is a transparent PVC plastic gift box. It is delivered flat and you just have to fold down its sides so that it takes its rounded shape. You can then store your marbles there with ease. With its dimensions of 90 x 70 x 25 mm, this box is ideal for organizing and storing the marbles in your collections.

We are convinced that this new packaging will add a touch of elegance to your marble collections, while guaranteeing their protection. A big thank you to Justine for this wonderful idea!

We look forward to seeing you enjoy this new product and we look forward to your feedback. Continue to share your passion for marbles with us on MesBilles.fr!

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