Un parcours de billes moderne en accès libre va d'ouvrir ses portes dans le Cotentin, offrant aux visiteurs une expérience unique.

The Fermanvilles billodrome

Free outdoor access: this modern marble run is the first in Cotentin | News Normandy

Free outdoor access: this modern marble run is the first in Cotentin

A modern free-access marbles course has just opened its doors in Cotentin, offering visitors a unique experience.

A fun and entertaining attraction

This marble course offers a fascinating experience for fans of all ages.

Thanks to innovative tracks, creative obstacles and enchanting settings, visitors can enjoy captivating entertainment.

An original creation

The modern marble course has been carefully designed by a team of enthusiasts, combining technology and creativity.

Each element has been carefully thought out to offer an immersive and surprising experience.

An attraction for everyone

Whether you are a child or an adult, this modern marble course is open to all and guarantees moments of pleasure and discovery.

Take advantage of this new, unique attraction in the Cotentin and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of marbles!

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Le billodrome est bien ouvert ! Il se trouve derrière l’ancienne mairie.
Pour le localiser à l’aide d’un GPS, il vous faudra mettre l’adresse de la mairie : 5 la Heugue 50840 Fermanville.


Nous allons faire une recherche pour vous répondre rapidement. À très vite :)


Bonjour le billodromme est il ouvert les travaux sont il fini ???merci

freddy gerber

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