La "Formule-billes" fait son retour sur la plage de Trouville

The Marbles are at the Beach

The “Formule-billes” makes its return to Trouville beach

As strong promoters of the world of marbles and their use, we at MesBilles are delighted to share with you an exciting event that took place recently.

On June 17, 2023,

the first edition of the Vivier de Stratégie Billes grand prix was organized on the beach of Trouville-sur-Mer. According to the article by Marie-Madeleine Remoleur, published in the online newspaper Le Pays d'Auge , a 20-meter sand track hosted this discipline which consists of propelling a wooden ball with a flick of the flick, moving carts . The event delighted parents and children.

Although this is the first edition of “Formule Billes”, the event is actually a return. Until 2000, for 10 years, marble was king in Trouville. Thierry Lacheray, co-organizer at the time alongside François Savary, remembers these races which were organized in the Congress hall.

The inspiration for the relaunch of this event came from the childhood memories of Alexandre Daunis, the person responsible for the establishment of the Trouville baths. It’s a great demonstration of the nostalgic and playful power of marbles. The team is already planning the return of the "24 Hours of Formula Bille", an event which should return in 2024.

This nostalgic meeting of marble fans continues on Sunday June 18, 2023 with qualifying at 10 a.m. and the start of the race at 2 p.m. Registrations are still open with Alexandre Daunis. We encourage all our readers to take part in these events which celebrate the fascinating world of marbles.

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